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Learn from AT&T How to Manage Customer Expectations

14 Sep
September 14, 2012

Manage expectations marketing Learn from AT&T How to Manage Customer ExpectationsI listened to a Podcast today produced by, where Kym Illman, founder and president of Messages on Hold discussed the rise of his company in Australia.

Illman mentioned something that really stuck out in my mind. He described how disappointed he is with the customer service levels that companies today are so complacent to provide. And, how unfortunate it is that we as consumers are shocked when we actually do receive excellent customer service.

Fittingly, I had an experience that quicklyScreen Shot 2012 09 14 at 12.08.39 AM 300x213 Learn from AT&T How to Manage Customer Expectations echoed the disappointment that Illman had described. AT&T was the culprit once again—a company that already has serious customer satisfaction Read more →

Customer Satisfaction, the Untapped Marketing Metric

10 Sep
September 10, 2012

Customer satisfaction marketing Customer Satisfaction, the Untapped Marketing MetricDid you know that customer satisfaction is one of the most powerful marketing metrics out there? Don’t worry if you didn’t—most marketing professionals underestimate its awesome power. So, allow me to lift the vail from your sheltered eyes and show you that a metric often thought to be a one note song is really a symphony of marketing potential. Bold statement, but kind of true.

If you think customer satisfaction is Read more →

The 40/40/20 Rule of Marketing

23 Mar
March 23, 2012

40 40 20 rule of strategic marketing The 40/40/20 Rule of MarketingPredicting your marketing success can be tricky, but fortunately there’s one little rule that can help ensure your marketing doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

It’s called the 40/40/20 rule and it comes from the tried and true world of direct mail marketing. Read more →