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04 Sep
September 4, 2012

Content curation has quickly become the next hot buzz in marketing these days.

Marketers, SEO experts, bloggers and audiences alike have realized that the internet is becoming crowded and it’s not making much sense anymore for every content producer to keep rehashing the same topics over and over again. Instead, the technique of content curation has become an attractive win-win for those who produce remarkable content as well as those who want to more efficiently provide value to their website visitors.

theinternetisfull Content Curation for Content MarketingThe Internet Is Full [Infographic]

“We’ve been talking a lot about how messy the web has become in recent years. And it’s only getting messier. So much so that simple words will not suffice to describe just how much content is created and uploaded to the…” (Source:

The deal goes like this: I want to provide my web visitors with a valuable piece of content. Why? So more people come to my site, maybe click a few ads or even buy my product or service. However, I see that the topic that I want to educate my readers about has been covered already by more than a few great sources. So, why totally reinvent the wheel? I’ll highlight some of the great points from these sources for my visitors in an article and give credit where credit is due by citing the sources. The content producers gain a valuable back link to their site and I build credibility with my audience. Can you say, winning?

Content curation is actually not a new marketing concept. Essentially, it is very similar to the share model that has made social media such a success. You like a Tweet, so you retweet it. You think an art project is cool, so you Pin it on Pinterest. Same concept.

“…Content curation is the act of continually identifying, selecting and sharing the best and most relevant online content and other online resources…on a specific subject to match the needs of a specific audience.”

—Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at Marketing Profs

A few curated sources to get you started:

4 Reasons Why Content Curation Has Gone Mainstream  (Source:

With the help of Pinterest and other consumer-oriented companies, content curation – the process of finding, organizing and sharing online content – has gone mainstream. More and more people are … 

Is Curation the Future of Blogging? (Source:

Traditional blogging is hard work. From creating content on a regular schedule and social networking and link building, to doing things like product fulfillment and 

Content Curation: More signal, less noise (Source: Maryland Association of CPAs YouTube Channel) founder and “Curation Nation” author Steven Rosenbaum says associations — and their members, for that matter — have a choice: Become trusted content curators or risk becoming irrelevant.

I put this article together using CurationSoft, a really neat piece of software that allows you to easily curate content by dragging it right into your content management system like WordPress. I recommend the paid version however because it opens up your content source options from just blogs to images, videos, tweets and more.

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  1. Stanley Rao says:

    The Video has been of a great help to me thank you for sharing it with us

  2. Laarni de Lusong says:

    Great article! All small business owners and entrepreneurs should read this. “Become trusted content curators or risk becoming irrelevant.” Yes, indeed, we should all become this if we are to stand out and connect with our audience/customers. This is something we at Bargains 4 Business believe in, too.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!



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