Old Spice is Writing the Book on Viral Marketing

30 Aug
August 30, 2012

Old Spice and their ad agency, Wieden + Kennedy, are showing other companies what viral marketing should be.

The video marketing program stars Old Spice workhorse, Terry Crews, and depicts a humorous musical solo made possible when Crews flexes different muscle groups electronically synced to various instruments.

What’s interesting is how Old Spice chose to go above and beyond with their marketing. Apparently, the Old Spice marketing team wasn’t satisfied with the 150+ animated elements included in the viral video. Following the end, viewers are further engaged with the ability to use their keyboard to play and record their own songs using Crews’ muscle powered orchestra. Viral marketing continues as people share their songs with their friends.

“You allow people to be a part of the creative process. It becomes more than just, ‘Hey look at this video,'” says Jason Bagley, creative director at Wieden + Kennedy.

Companies need to bring value to their customers through marketing. The value in this case is entertainment and customers have been paying Old Spice back in hoards—helping them continue to outpace competitors like Unilever’s Axe.

It’s this kind marketing success that companies and ad agencies aspire to achieve. Notice how there is no need to even mention the brand anymore?

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