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A Quick Excel Trick All Marketers Should Know

03 Oct
October 3, 2012

Marketing with Excel1 A Quick Excel Trick All Marketers Should KnowIf you’re in marketing, you NEED to know your way around Microsoft Excel.

Marketing today is all about data and if you’re doing your job correctly you’ll have no shortage of it. As a marketing analyst, I get paid to figure out a bunch of techniques for analyzing marketing data, but I often forget that a lot of marketers aren’t familiar with these tricks.

So, here’s a video showing one simple Excel trick that I use every day in order to quickly analyze marketing data.

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Customer Satisfaction, the Untapped Marketing Metric

10 Sep
September 10, 2012

Customer satisfaction marketing Customer Satisfaction, the Untapped Marketing MetricDid you know that customer satisfaction is one of the most powerful marketing metrics out there? Don’t worry if you didn’t—most marketing professionals underestimate its awesome power. So, allow me to lift the vail from your sheltered eyes and show you that a metric often thought to be a one note song is really a symphony of marketing potential. Bold statement, but kind of true.

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Database Marketing and Curious Correlations

20 Mar
March 20, 2012

Let us shed some light onto a common misnomer in today’s language and in database marketing — the word, correlated.  The term has been used in marketing for years, either behind the scenes or when marketing a product to an audience. Look at cholesterol medication, for example.  Marketers have cleverly implied that these products help prevent heart problems because cholesterol and heart disease are correlated.  Something isn’t quite right here though. Read more →