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5 Reasons Why Your QR Code Marketing Sucks

31 Aug
August 31, 2012

QR Code Marketing Mistakes1 5 Reasons Why Your QR Code Marketing Sucks

Hey StrategicMarketingGuy readers, CJ here. This guest post was submitted by Alyssa Gimenez. Alyssa is a skilled online marketer with a knack for digital media strategy. You can find her on LinkedIn.


QR code marketing has been all the rage for the last few years. So, you’d think that marketers would have figured out how to use QR codes correctly by now. It’s too bad how far from true this is.

Here are five reasons why your QR code marketing sucks:

1It goes to your main site.¬†Unless you’re running an ad for pure brand awareness, it’s not often when it makes sense to drive people to the main page of your website. ¬†As a consumer, it’s extremely frustrating to go through the tedious process of firing up your QR code reader only to be dropped on a main site that is barely relevant to the ad. Marketers need to consider the total user experience when using QR code marketing. Read more →